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Flagstaff SEO is short for Flagstaff search engine optimization and is the active practice of optimizing a web page or pages by improving internal and external aspects of the page to increase traffic from search engines. Their are many levels to search engine optimization and website design firms in Flagstaff, AZ. and around the globe have a highly specialized focus, while others take a more broad and general approach. Working to optimize a web site for search engines requires looking at many aspects of the site itself many practitioners in the field of Flagstaff SEO consider themselves to be in the field of website optimization since many of these elements are intertwined.

Entering a query in a search engine gives you a list of results that contain that query term or something similar. The end user will normally visit those sites that start at the top of the query as their perception is that the site is more relevant to the search list. If you have ever wondered why some websites rank better than others then the answer is simple - it is a technique called Flagstaff search engine optimization or SEO.



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