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Alan Wood-Thomas

We had to share the quote by the artist. "In any art, we all deal with the same basic things. An emotional or artistic expression occurs only when an artist presents us with a vision that is strictly his own. When he does, he opens new doors for us to places we didn’t suspect existed."

This website was created by the owner of Flagstaff Web Architects long before we were a company. It is displayed here to show how artistic our work was then and is still today. It is a site dedicated to a master Artist by the name of Alan Wood-Thomas.



Web Design Highlights

  • Award Winning Design in 2006
  • Entire Website Designed Around the Showcased Fine Art
  • Internet Marketing Campaign Setup for Galleries Throughout the United States
  • Extensive Research on the Artist from Magazine Articles and Online Publications


Fine Art of Alan Wood-Thomas - San Francisco Web Design

„Take a look at this guys websites!! He's done 6 for me so far, a few medical, a book I wrote about my father and one about my father's artwork. Just super. And an eye for artistic layout that even my deceased father would have been impressed."

„Good prices and he gives good over-the-phone instruction as to how to add to and make alterations to your website. This is the way websites need to be in the future, controllable by us, the consumers. And he's a nice guy too."
- Dr. Thomas (Son of Artist)


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