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Remote Assassin

This website is the appendix to the book Remote Assassin by Dr. Cyrus Wood-Thomas and Linda LeBoutillier. It contains material too lengthy to include in the book, and is a source of extra information on many topics that were mentioned in the book in order to explain the underground activities of Alan Wood-Thomas. It is intended to provide the curious reader with more insight to the moral implications of Alan’s activities as well as to make available technical information and historical facts encountered in the process of researching the holocaust and world affairs in preparation for writing the book.



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Remote Assassin - San Francisco Website Design

„Jon (Flagstaff Web Architects) has designed 5 websites for me....3 for my medical business, one for a book I wrote about my father and another for the artwork by my father. Take a look at them, the sites speak for themselves. Jon has an eye for art and style. It's that 'either you got it or you don't' thing. And, of course, the look of a website has to fit the message you are trying to display, it can't just be good looking. He certainly has the ability to do this as well. My medical sites are uplifting as where the site for the book about my father has a different feel. This is important. Regarding finances, Jon is motivated by quality of work. You can rest assured that he will deliver more quality than you will get with others. Be sure to compensate him fairly. He is an artist."
- Dr. Thomas (Son of Artist)


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