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Troupe Shuvani

Troupe Shuvani was created in 2004, as a group of dedicated dancers came together, each bringing her own unique passion and artistic ability, to form a dance ensemble, and moreover a sisterhood.

Many of us had studied dance for several years. We each had been on our own dance journey, and wanted more. We desired a Troupe like no other- a community where our strengths could come together and embellish each other as a whole. We chose the name Shuvani (“wise women” in the Rom language), to represent the lessons life had granted us, and as a reminder to keep our hearts open for those lessons yet to come.



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  • Seo Analysis & Implementation
  • Website Hosting & Security
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Troupe Shuvani - Flagstaff Arizona Web Design

„I have worked with many website design and development companies in the past. Not a single one was able to develop my site accurately. In a thorough interview over coffee, Jon (Flagstaff Web Architects) was able to take my input and within a week have a site that isn't only beautiful but also represents me as an individual perfectly. What I consider more important is Jon's outstanding knowledge and open heart. He is truly a diamond in the ruff. Infinite Love and Gratitude on behalf of Troupe Shuvani."
- Kristin (Owner of Empowering Balance/Troupe Shuvani Dancer)


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