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Five Rules to Follow in Web Design - Placement Awareness & Navigation

Five Rules to Follow in Web Design

Placement Awareness & Navigation

Here are some rules of thumb that should be observed to make certain your website performs to the best of its ability.

Simple and Clear Navigation

Simple and concise navigation are certainly one of the most important points to consider with the creation of a website. Try and steer away from complicated flash based menus or multilevel drop down menus as these can confuse or even hinder the end users experience. Remember that if the end user can't find a way to navigate your site... they will leave.

Splash Pages

Splash pages are something that was widely used in the past. They start with an enticing image with words like "click to enter here" or "welcome" when the front page of the website is entered. In all actuality, they are just that... a pretty page with no real purpose. I have even seen some flash splash pages that have the link to the site embedded within the code. Wonder what that did to that site's search engine ranking?

Banner Advertisements

I'm not going to put this under the bus as much as just give a quick opinion on the matter, as I use them sparingly myself. Do not use banner advertisements in an excessive manner. Most end users have tuned these kinds of advertisements out and I think the majority of internet users will just ignore them altogether. With the blog world becoming what it has, the best way to make money is from pure, juicy, succulent, "information", what the internet was created for in the first place.

Audio = Bad

Looping audio is by far one of the most annoying aspects of website design. I have stressed this in other articles and am now stressing it again. The time for MySpace and your favorite bands playing in sequential order are over. If you absolutely must have audio on your website, or personal page, then for the Love of god make sure the end user has control over it. Add some volume control, pause and play buttons, or how about not having it auto-play and allow the end user decide.

End User Placement Awareness

Most CMS (content management systems) have something called "breadcrumbs". This is a neat little add-on that is similar to a site-map, in the sense that it takes the user from the front-page, on through each of the pages and levels that reside within a certain part of the navigation menu. Wonderful for blogs that have numerous levels of information, each going deeper and deeper from the original subject. The key is to not let the end user ask the question... "Where am I?". Give them a sense of security and some placement awareness.

Simple rules that most website designers are aware of, but at times we need to have a little recollection of the world that was once mad.


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Jon is a website designer in Flagstaff Arizona. He started with web design at the age of 17 where he created "Only the Best Apps" - a website where he would test and choose "Only the Best" software from around the internet. It was all hand coded with Homesite - at that time the best (in his humble opinion) HTML editor around. He believes in local economy, free thought and open source technology and helps bring the best the internet has to offer to his customers.

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