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Web Development Case Study

Northern Arizona Radiology
Web Development Case Study - Northern Arizona Radiology

Arizona Web Architects was given the opportunity to redesign the outdated (10 year old) platform into a new, more professional, dynamic design as well as adding a more personal feel to the organization. We were also given the task of incorporating its client database into a secure (HIPAA) compliant server.

Our initial evaluation of the original website revealed issues with site navigation and functionality, especially on mobile devices. To help solve this Arizona Web Architects designed, developed, and implemented a new responsive website for the client. In addition to optimal UI/UX across devices, Nothern Arizona Radiology's new site focused on highlighting the functionalities patients consider most important and provided patient portal integration, while closely aligning with the organizations branding and organizational goals. Additionally, our SEO optimization drove a higher volume of traffic to the site and happier patients and NAR staff.

Web Development Case Study - Northern Arizona Radiology

Mobile Traffic Increase


Page View Increase


Organic Search Traffic

Extensive Techniques

Search Engine Optimization

Leveraging our experience and well-developed back-end extensions for our tailored CMS, Arizona Web Architects combined short and long-tailed keyword phrases with a proven optimization methodology. The end results were incredible. The overall traffic increase for the mobile version of the website increased by 167%, while page views increased to 137%. Overall traffic to the site also saw a 327% increase in organic search traffic.
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HIPAA Compliant Website Development

Secure Website Development

HIPAA Compliant Website & Server
HIPAA Compliant Website Development

Forced with the immense security requirements both on and off the website for HIPAA compliance, Arizona Web Architects took great care in making sure every detail of the project was tested thoroughly throughout the entire development process.

In the end, the website and on-site server were set up with a 256 encryption for all information coming in and out of the website. The patient portal was locked down with a security pin requirement upon setup for future login information (if ever lost).

UI / UX Mobile-Friendly

Responsive Web Design

Not only were we charged with a secure, HIPAA compliant website, we were also charged with a new responsive mobile friendly design. There were careful considerations made for all elements on the website including scaling down images and text, modal windows, and the integration of the patient portal. Our UI / UX team worked extensively with NAR to produce a seamless experience for all visitors, regardless of device.
Below you can review the gallery of some of the images for the website showing the design through numerous device types.

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In 2006 our founder and lead developer formed Flagstaff Web Architects to be one of the most innovative web design & development agencies in the area.

Although we have changed the name and expanded the business to reach throughout all of Arizona, Flagstaff is still at the heart of our business model and the owner still lives and breaths right here in this beautiful oasis.

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