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Concise Linking

Be sure to have a clear and concise order form available for the products on your website. Write a clear and concise message to direct the end user to your order form, so you will have minimal chance of losing the sale. Create a prominent link to your order page from every other page on your site.

Payment Options

Allowing the end user different payment options is a great way to earn trust. Some end users like certain payment options like PayPal while others may want to use their credit card or even a check. The more options you offer the end user the better your chances of making the sale.

Secured Encryption

Having numerous payment options is a good start but people also love to feel secure when it comes to their finances. Looking into SSL is one of the most cost-effective ways to help the end user feel confident in purchasing from your site. It is a great way to prove you are a credible merchant.

Customer Testimonials

Adding your contact information and customer testimonials is another great way to boost the end users confidence. Make them feel safe about purchasing your product. Remember you are a total stranger to them on the other side of the web.

Keep in mind that it would be horrible to put so much effort into making the sale to finally have it go awry in the end. Make sure to eliminate any possibilities of failure to maximize profit.

Jonathan VanWormer

Digital Marketer - Managing Director

Jon is a web designer in Sedona Arizona. He started with web design at the age of 17 where he created "Only the Best Apps" - a website where he would test and choose "Only the Best" software from around the internet. It was all hand coded with Homesite - at that time the best (in his humble opinion) HTML editor around. He believes in local economy, open source technology, and helps bring the best the internet has to offer.

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Posted On: Sunday, 18 September 2011
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In 2006 our founder and lead developer formed Flagstaff Web Architects to be one of the most innovative web design & development agencies in the area.

Although we have changed the name and expanded the business to reach throughout all of Arizona, Flagstaff is still at the heart of our business model and the owner still lives and breaths right here in this beautiful oasis.

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